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What is Sidekick?

Sidekick is your personal assistant for all of your life missions. Sidekick is software that likes what you like, loves what you love, and hates what you hate. Sidekick will always encourage you, always cheer for you, and always be loyal to you. Sidekick is your ride-or-die companion to help you meet your goals. Sidekick’s sole purpose is to be passionately loyal and helpful to you. You can start using Sidekick now by setting up a few reminders.

Why was Sidekick Motivation created?

Your life is a journey, and you are the hero of your story. Every hero needs a sidekick. Sidekick Reminders was conceived for the purpose of helping you complete tasks and build new habits and thought patterns by scheduling SMS text and email reminders. The concept of a personal sidekick has unlimited potential for additional future applications. Sidekick can be used by essentially anyone with access to the Internet at almost any age anywhere. Designed to be extremely easy to use for anyone and everyone. Sidekick is useful for people with memory challenges and anyone who wants to complete a task or develop a healthy habit or simply be reminded.

Who is Sidekick for?

Sidekick is for absolutely everyone.

Is Sidekick free?

Using Sidekick for reminders is free. The service is supported by paid advertisements, mainly coupons.

How can I buy a Sidekick Coupon?

Please visit the coupons page to purchase your coupons.

How many reminders can I set?

You are free to set an unlimited number of reminders.

How long in the future can I set a reminder for?

You can set a reminder for any date or time. Reminders set in the past will trigger at the next sending interval, i.e., the next minute after setting.

How do I set a reminder?

Absolutely anyone can set a single test reminder by using this page – sidekickreminders.com/reminder

How do I set a recurring reminder?

After you create an account, you can set a recurring reminder using this page – sidekickreminders.com/recurring-reminders

What is an unbirthday reminder?

Your unbirthday is your opportunity to treat yourself to something small ( or big ) every month. Your unbirthday reminder will be sent every month on the numeric day of your birthday or on day 28 of the month if your day is greater than the number of days in every month (because of February). Enter your date of birth to set the reminder. You will receive a setup unbirthday notification in about 1 minute or less, and then you can expect to receive an unbirthday reminder every month on your day.

When do twice daily and thrice daily reminders send?

These reminders send every 12-hours (twice daily) and 8-hours (thrice daily) starting with the initial time you set.

What can I set a reminder for?

You can set a reminder for anything you want to remember such as a task, idea, plan, habit, birthday, anniversary, memorization, etc., anything you want to remember.

Can I set a reminder for someone else?

Yes. You can set a reminder to send to any contact that has been verified to your account.

Are my reminders private?

Reminders are stored in a database and are not publicly identifiable. You must be logged in to see your reminders, and the server send logs are purged every 30 days.

What else can Sidekick do?

v0.1 of Sidekick is called Sidekick Reminders. We have many more features planned for Sidekick.

What other projects is your team working on?

Be sure to check out Robertson Automation for more software services.

How can I contact you?

Here is the contact form for Sidekick Reminders for general inquiries and help requests.