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Who we are

We are Robertson Automation (robertsonautomation.com), a Pittsburgh-based software-engineering company. Our mission is to help you by developing practical, effective, efficient, smart, impressive, beautiful, high-quality software tools that exceed expectations. We believe software is an incredible gift to humankind and useful in many amazing ways, not the least being a tool to make life better and easier.

What personal data we collect and why

Contact Information

Sidekick Reminders needs to store your contact information and your reminder information to function. That information is stored on our server. We also keep send logs for 30-days to help with continual development and for troubleshooting errors.

Contact forms

When you submit a message using one of our contact forms, it is sent by email and stored in our database.


We use cookies to make the software better and easier to use. The cookies are stored on your device (e.g., computer, phone, or tablet), and the cookies help with the login functions of the website.